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Welcome to 0x0x - A Site for Righteous Interfaces

This site is dedicated to protocols and services designed to appeal to hackers ("hackers" in the original sense -- people who love coding and making things happen with computers).

We publish information about simple and interesting technologies and efforts that merit attention from the community of geeks who live and play on the internet, and also run some services to let us play with these ideas.

Forgive our sparse appearence, we're really just starting out.


2023-03-06 - PHP Tiny Blog Engine

I recently met user Turboblack from rawtext.club and he shared his PHP Tiny Blog Engine link with me (download as a zip file from the link in red).

2023-01-22 - Generated Blogs and RSS

I've just finished a first round of improvements of the news feed on this server (that's the thing containing the text you're reading right now :-)). Now new posts are generated from simple text files. Full versions of a post can be independently linked and there's a dedicated news page and an RSS feed.
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2022-12-29 - rawtext.club and twtxt

I recently learned of the existence of rawtext.club -- a site that aims to be a social network built around the shell and very simple text protocols. Very cool stuff!

In reading the reddit thread on it, I also discovered twtxt, a simple microblogging protocol also based on text files.

2022-11-21 - Style Switching!

For the infidels out there, you can now select "light" style from the select form below. This sets a cookie that works entirely client side. You don't have to be a logged in user. The downside is that you need to do this for every browser.
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  • Simple Web - An effort to simplify the web, mostly be taking out the Javascript.
  • Matrix - A very popular federated chat system (although a lot more complicated and monolithic than we might prefer).
  • Actually Portable Executables - Binaries that run on most any OS.
  • Fediverse - The open, federated social network.
  • rawtext.club - Text/shell based social network.
  • twtxt - Simple text protocol for microblogging.
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