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2023-03-06 - PHP Tiny Blog Engine

I recently met user Turboblack from rawtext.club and he shared his PHP Tiny Blog Engine link with me (download as a zip file from the link in red).

2023-01-22 - Generated Blogs and RSS

I've just finished a first round of improvements of the news feed on this server (that's the thing containing the text you're reading right now :-)). Now new posts are generated from simple text files. Full versions of a post can be independently linked and there's a dedicated news page and an RSS feed.
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2022-12-29 - rawtext.club and twtxt

I recently learned of the existence of rawtext.club -- a site that aims to be a social network built around the shell and very simple text protocols. Very cool stuff!

In reading the reddit thread on it, I also discovered twtxt, a simple microblogging protocol also based on text files.

2022-11-21 - Style Switching!

For the infidels out there, you can now select "light" style from the select form below. This sets a cookie that works entirely client side. You don't have to be a logged in user. The downside is that you need to do this for every browser.

2022-11-13 - New server

We're now running on a sweet new server program (dubbed "dweb"). This will allow us to do a little more with this site going forwards.

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